I'm not just horsing around in shiny hoofs! I'm a 3D artist. Pronounced KI'Lihn I love horses, dragons & texturing.

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General 3D Modelling and Textures.
Second Life: prims, sculpts, and mesh products and prototypes..
Areas of Service
Texas & Worldwide.
Opening Hours
10-6pm, -7gmt, Monday - Friday & occasional weekends..
Payment Methods
Send Linden dollars (L$) to: Amethyst Gears.
Bank deposit/transfer.
3D Artist - Daz Studio, Hexagon, Bryce, Second Life, Paint Shop Pro.
I'm a 3D artist with experience dating from 1998, I started with Bryce 3 and Poser 3 and have also used Truespace 3-6, ZBrush, Cinema 4, Hexagon 2, Daz Studio 2, and Cararra 7. From November 2007 through to early 2008, I worked under contract for DAZ3D in the QA department. I was directly involved in testing all programs and addons that came out at that time.
More Information
Please contact me via email or via Amethyst Gears inSL™ for more information.

How to find Kilynn Singh, Amethyst Gears a 3D Artist for Hire and Second Life® resident.

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Freelance 3D / Texture Artist.
3D artist & texture specialist seeking employment in Texas & surrounding counties.

Resume available upon request to selected & verified companies making official contact through Linked-in.

Occasionally accepting commissions in Second Life, depending on complexity or duration involved costs may vary.

Standard upfront deposit applies to all projects.
Hobbies / Interests
3D, 3D Modeling, Textures, QA, Writing, Reading, Virtual Development, Teaching, Painting, Horses, Creatures 3, Daz Studio, Hexagon, Bryce, Paint Shop Pro, Gaming, Game Making, Tutorials, Steampunk, Science Fiction, History, Technology, artist, Minecraft, Second Life, commissions, horse, jewelry, crochet, beading, DAZ3D, AI Breedables, furry accessories, scripted tails.